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The LS/1100

For Law Enforcement and Military
Worlds only portable law-enforcement booking station
All of our products are fully FBI Certified.

LS/1100 LIveScan System for Law Enforcement. (90-second fast video)

Specs Sheet

Extraordinary Innovation

Secure Outcomes designed the LS1100 with focus on three core values critical to law enforcement and military professionals: functionality, durability under pressure and quality.


The LS1100 system is the only self-contained hardened single-integrated forensic quality livescan fingerprinting solution that was Designed by Cops for Cops™ for law enforcement professionals. It is also the world’s only law enforcement protable booking station! The unit requires no external PC, wires, keyboard or mouse to provide maximum officer safety. The LS1100 condenses everything you know about fingerprinting down into the only portable forensic-quality livescan system that handles the hostile booking/jail environment and that also can be taken portable anywhere anytime.


The LS1100 case is made from hardened ABS and steel with the police officer in mind. The system withstands the hostile jail environment and bolts down for added protection from your detainee. Quickly unscrew the wingnuts under the booking desk and remove to take the light 12 lb unit with you into the field. Power it up anywhere with the simple 12VDC accessory socket plug.


The carefully thought out touchscreen graphical user interface and single integrated unit design enables you to keep 100% focus on the subject you are fingerprinting and that makes the LS1100 the most officer-safe system available. Our state of the art hardware coupled with proprietary advanced artificial intelligence software guarantees the best possible scanned fingerprint quality. The unit automatically transmits prints through the Internet direct to state/federal authorities with a rap sheet received back in minutes.
Specs Sheet
  • Collects full-rolled and flat-slap fingerprints needed for all print cards


  • Archives up to 20,000 fingerprint sets in the internal database for later retrieval - Change/add criminal charge codes, addresses, added aliases, etc


  • Transmits fingerprint sets to state/federal authorities with fast return of strong identification and criminal history rap sheetbased on FBI/state fingerprint lookup


  • Easy to use color touchscreen interface - Walks you through fingerprint scan sequence


  • Automatic scoring/grading of scanned prints to eliminate state rejects


  • Fool-proof and simple with easy to use integrated color touchscreen with simple intuitive graphical user interface


  • Prints all federal, state, and local fingerprint paper cards including ChildID


  • Integrated user documentation


  • 24/7/365 included telephone support hotline from our Colorado headquarters that never expires -- We are always there!


  • Designed for officer safety- Bolts down to booking desk with no wires, mouse, keyboard or PC that can be used as weapons


  • Optional Mugshot/SMTcapability


  • Handles all state/federal criminal arrest codes mnemonically with simple pop-up menus


  • Periodic software updates over the Internet. Criminal charge codechanges, print card changes, etc all handled for you


  • Solid state disk drive with no moving parts


  • Fully warrantied and guaranteed


  • Small and compact at 15"x12"x6". No bulky archaic kiosks with our gear!


  • Light weight at just 12 pounds


  • Portable use with power from 12VDC patrol car accessory socket.


  • Hardened ABS and steel case - Same rugged material used in NFL football helmets.


  • Fingerprint scan device platten area: 3.75" x 3.50" (9.53cm x 8.89cm)  500PPI


  • Internal green illuminating print LED light source with 200,000 hour MTBF


  • Available in MIL SPEC 810F


  • Integrated 8.4" color SVGA touchscreen 800x600 pixels. 16.7-million colors. CD/M2 luminance with -80 to +80 degree horizontal and -60 to +80 degree vertical viewing angles


  • Color touchscreen with 3H anti-glare hard coating surface treatment with extreme longlife LED backlight.


  • Power requirement: +6VDC to +48VDC at 14-watts average (580ma at +24VDC). Universal input brick included.


  • Hardpack case available


  • Comes fully configured for your jurisdiction with all fingerprint cards, arrest charge codes, ORIs, etc. Ready to go!


  • Includes 20-minute training DVD along with always there 24/7/365 telephone support


  • Manufactured in USA.  Leasing available


  • ...and finally:  Designed by Cops for Cops!


Twice the performance. Half the price. Every time.

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