For churches, schools, day-cares, and anyone who wants to protect their community’s children.

All of our products are fully FBI Certified.


We, Secure Outcomes Inc., have been utilizing our forensic quality digital fingerprint systems and photo capabilities to identify criminals in the law enforcement world for many years. Private companies also use our systems nationwide to conduct background checks on their applicants, whether it be for a teaching, nursing or truck driving license. There are hundreds of professions that require fingerprint-based background checks.
Secure Outcomes Inc has designed and built a brand new product aimed at protecting children from abduction through easy and immediate identification via their biometric data. We’ve worked closely with a Police Department to create this new product to be as effective as possible. They are using it in their community at their church, daycare, and schools.

What it does

The LS/SafeChild system has two main functions. First, the system will take your child’s fingerprints and photo. The fingerprints are printed to a hardcopy fingerprint card, USB, or disk to be stored safely. All identifying marks can be drawn on a diagram on the back of the card. Then, the parent will take a hair sample and a mouth swab to store with the fingerprint card. Should a child go a missing the parents will have the child’s full biometric footprint ready to give to law enforcement.
The second function, which is optional, is an additional printer. This will print out plastic ID cards which are given to the child and can be pinned or hooked to a lanyard. This card will have the child’s information including blood type, allergies, medications, and QR codes with doctor, dentist, and parent’s contact information. This card is invaluable to law enforcement in identifying a missing child. Additionally, a missing flyer can be printed with the click of a button for hard copy, or softcopy to be sent out to first responders, patrol officers, or the community.
Texas has pledged to fight human trafficking and child abductions and we are working to help them with this new technology that has not been seen before. When a child is missing, the first 72 hours are absolutely vital and having quick access to everything about the child will save lives.
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