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Secure Outcomes Inc. – The Company


Business Description:

 Secure Outcomes Inc. is a closely-held venture-financed technology firm located in Evergreen, Colorado that has designed, built, and introduced to the
market the LS1100 — the world’s first fully integrated portable digital livescan forensic fingerprint collection, archiving, and transmission system at an affordable cost.  The LS1100 displaces the hundred year old ink and paper fingerprinting methods, which are slow, non-digital, and error prone and are now being rapidly phased out by state and federal mandates.
Results to date have been outstanding with sales already to almost 200 police and sheriff’s offices, the U.S. Army, several major federal airports, large school districts, and commercial companies across the United States.
The Company has raised venture capital to date from 26 accredited equity Shareholders in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Wyoming. Secure Outcomes filed formal Regulation D Private Placement Statements with the SEC.

Core Technology: 

The Secure Outcomes LS1100 livescan fingerprint system collects, archives, and transmits digital forensic-quality fingerprint sets. Unlike competing products, the LS1100 is small, compact, very easy to use, and, especially, affordable at only about half the price of the competition. 120,000+ lines of patented and patent-pending proprietary control software powers the device, which includes an iPhone® -like advanced graphical user interface and artificial intelligence/image processing abilities.

Federal Mandates for LS1100:

The United States Federal Government has mandated that the FBI will no longer accept paper fingerprint cards from local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies – thus, need for the LS1100 for effective law enforcement is now mandated by federal law. Agencies are scrambling to get into compliance!
Benefits to local law enforcement from purchasing the LS1100 include fast positive identification of detainees and, especially, detailed criminal histories/rap sheetstransmitted back direct to the system.

Market Opportunity:

Secure Outcomes initially targeted the 23,000+ local police and sheriff’s departments, where ~70% are estimated to NOT yet have livescan capabilities. The overseas market is even larger – 33 European countries, 10 others in the Americas, and 8 Asian countries now use livescan and more are joining. 75% are expanding their systems. In addition, Secure Outcomes plans to also go after the large federal markets – DOD, DHS, DOJ (FBI, BOP), CIA, NSA and others. ~$2-Billion market growing 22%/year.

Market Growth:

However, a new civilian fingerprinting market is beginning to open up and Secure Outcomes recently introduced its remarkably inexpensive laptop-based LS-Lite to address that market. For example, all of the 100,000+ public schools in the United States need livescan fingerprinting.


Secure Outcomes has three patents issued and one pending to protect its products and plans to soon file four additional patents to provide additional protection.


Competing systems are twice the cost and are big difficult to use static table-top machines that operate with keyboard, mouse, foot pedal, etc. The LS1100 is fully officer-safe by design.


Contact: Jack Harper, CEO




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