Why We’re the Best

We tell you that our products are the best on the market!


All of our systems are based around the patented and patent-pending core technology that we developed from scratch that has been designed specifically to be color touch screen graphically controlled. This means that a modern graphical user interface is not just an afterthought – it is integral to the system. That means that our systems are extremely simple to use – as simple to use as a smart phone.
Our systems are small and compact. No kiosks here! The LS1100 is the only single integrated livescan system on the market designed to be fully officer safe with no wires, no keyboard or mouse that can be used as a weapon and, in addition, the unit bolts down to the booking desk for safety.
No archaic foot pedal or other slow legacy items are used or needed.
All of our systems scan full-rolled forensic quality fingerprint sets; archive those prints into an internal database with 20,000 print-set record capacity for later referral or modification; and transmit the print sets on to federal/state authorities.

You can purchase outright a system from us – or, we can quickly and easily setup a lease purchase plan for you. It is simple to do and is completed within 48-hours so that you can have your system now and pay for it with modest monthly payments so that you own the system at the end of the lease.
All of our systems automatically transmit fingerprint sets to state authorities.
We will fully configure your system here at the factory so that it is 100% ready when it arrives. Take it out of the box and immediately begin to scan, archive, and transmit fingerprints.  All of our systems are Made in the U.S.A. as much as possible with software designed and built in Colorado. In addition, we usually ship within about ten days of order.
We provide 24/7/365 telephone hotline support – If you need us, we will be there – again, 24/7/365. All support is U.S.-based out of our Colorado headquarters. In addition, we continue to provide that telephone support forever even if your system is out of warranty. We NEVER abandon our customers!

But, we also provide for a modest fee extended hardware replacement warranties that extend past the first bundled one-year full warranty. In addition, we are constantly improving the system and adding new capabilities. You will receive thoseforever also. Our extended maintenance/warranty fees are the most reasonable and least expensive on the market. We take care of our customers, period!
In addition, for a modest fee, we will come if you want and setup your system and train your people in digital livescan fingerprinting. Most of our customers quickly come up to speed after watching the 15-minute simple training DVD and withfast-track startup help over the telephone with Customer Support. But, we will come to you if you wish.
We have an enormously credible installed base of almost 200 systems – law enforcement, the U.S. Army, major federal airports, universities, major public school districts, and commercial companies.  We can provide just about any number of customer references.

And, last but not least, our systems – Simply, the Best on this Planet!® – cost about half that of the competition!