Who We Are

Secure Outcomes has exactly one mission:  To design, build, and sell the very best digital livescan fingerprinting systems at about half the cost of the competition.

Simply, the Best on this Planet!®

The Company was founded by people with extensive experience over many years in the livescan market. Senior management includes people with total combined livescan experience – product conception and development, advanced packaging, sales and marketing, and customer support – that extends over decades.
How is Secure Outcomes able to provide such great livescan systems at half the cost??
Simple: Unlike the older legacy companies in the market, we started from scratch and developed over a multi-year period new 21st Century livescan technology from scratch that integrates high-performance, but low power electronics with excellent fingerprint scan device technology into single compact packaging that eliminates archaic foot pedals, typed command lines, bulky kiosk-style packaging, and the like.
We designed the system with you – the user – 100% in mind.  It took several product development iterations before we got it 100% right. And, it is 100% right!

We carefully designed an integrated graphical user interface based around high-performance color touch screens that make using the systems a snap. Like a high-end smart phone, simply touch an icon on the screen and the system will walk you through the fingerprint scanning sequence in a simple an easy to understand graphical approach.  Our software automatically grades your scanned prints to essentially eliminate bad prints rejected by state/federal authorities.
We designed and introduced the single integrated and hardened  LS1100 police booking livescan fingerprinting system about two years ago with local law enforcement volume shipping – police departments and sheriff’s offices – as the initial target market. The LS1100 was designed for the hostile law enforcement booking environment and the response has been outstanding with almost 200 systems delivered to date.
In addition, we recently launched the laptop-based LS-Lite system with its remarkably low price for civilian fingerprinting and that is enjoying similar success.
We have continually added optional systems such as the LS-Mugshot for people that need that and the LS-Crypto military-grade data encryption system for military and government use.  Our systems include everything you need in one bundled price – there is nothing else to buy.
All of our control system software is coded in Common Lisp, the language of Artificial Intelligence, which provides an outstanding path to current and future smart fingerprinting.

We have shipped advanced but economically priced livescan systems to law enforcement, the U.S. Army,  major federal airports, educational institutions including universities, colleges, and major public school districts, as well as to commercial companies that use the systems for employee background checks as well as for-fee fingerprinting.
Once you receive your system, we will support you forever  – out of warranty/maintenance or not – with the 24/7/365 telephone support hotline. We NEVER abandon our customers!  All of our systems are fully warrantied and guaranteed.
So, please take a look at our products and call (1.303.670.8375) or email us ( sales@secureoutcomes.net ) to discuss how best we can solve your livescan needs. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with the terminology or are not really sure what you need – we will help you with that and explain everything clearly and carefully.

We can rapidly configure a low-cost system that meets your exact needs and can usually ship your fully configured system within about ten days after receipt of order or even less.
Take it out of the box and immediately begin to scan, archive, and transmit fingerprints!  No muss! No fuss!

Twice the Performance at Half the Cost!©

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