Our products are the best on this planet! Here are some customer testimonials to prove it!


“…This product has been easy for us to use and gives us information about the quality of the fingerprints in real-time, giving us the ability to get the highest quality prints possible…”

-Jerilyn Taylor
Director of Human Resources


“…I do approximately 30-40 fingerprints per day. The LiveScan is very efficient and very user friendly, I have trained numerous staff to use the LiveScan and they were able to learn it with little to no difficulty…”

-Greg Montano
  Denver Public Schools


“…Secure Outcomes fingerprint machine has met every one of my expectations. Going digital has made a huge difference in the timeline of processing and hiring new employees…”

-Cameron Whiting
  Director of Human Resources
  Pueblo City Schools


“…They were supportive at each step in the process and were quick to respond to questions as they arose. If we were to go through this process again, I would select Secure Outcomes as a vendor…”

-Kristen Stueber
  Director of human Resources
  Aurora Public Schools


“…We have found the system to be user friendly and quite simple to use. Additionally, this expedites the fingerprint review process with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by at least two to three weeks…”

-Nicole Stone
  Employment Manager
  Adams 12 Five Star Schools



“The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport has been pleased with the live scan finger print system that was installed in September of 2014. The software and fingerprint scanner are user-friendly, and customer support for the system has been excellent.”

-Charles A. Butcher, A.A.E.
  Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport