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A Message From Secure Outcomes’ President
by Secure Outcomes Inc.

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A Message from Secure Outcomes’ President

Welcome to the first issue of Smart Forensics – a monthly newsletter dedicated to the analysis of news and events in the high-end electronic forensic quality fingerprint collection world – law enforcement, military, government, schools, firearms dealers, Fortune 500s and what it all means.
In the next editions of Smart Foresnics, I and others here at Secure Outcomes will discuss current events, trends and technologies – as well as what we are up to here at Secure Outcomes.
In this first issue, I will talk a little about who we are and what we do – and then an interesting article Forensic Quality Fingerprints – What’s it all About?
First:  Secure Outcomes.  Who are we?
We build digital livescan fingerprinting systems. That is all we do and we are very good at it.
Simply, the Best on this Planet®.  That is the Secure Outcomes philosophy. Nothing less will do.
When you purchase one of our systems, you are getting Twice the Performance at Half the Cost!™.
We spent millions of dollars to design, build and perfect the new livescan fingerprinting technology that we have brought to market. That technology mixes advanced artificial intelligence software with state-of-the-art hardware to yield fingerprint livescan systems that are the easiest to use, the most cost effective, and the most compact and officer-safe and integrated available.
It is easy for me to say the things above.
Let me prove it.
Example:  Our LS1100™ system designed for law enforcement/military is the only single integrated livescan desktop sized system available – and it is about half the cost of competing law enforcement systems.
Example:  I believe you will find that our 24/7/365 telephone support hotline –answered from here in Colorado – is simply the best available from anyone. We can provide just about any number of customer references to show you that is true.
Example:  We have the best customer support available – and we do not charge an arm and a leg for that.   Our service/warranty/support plan is simple:  Just 12% of the original purchase price per year after the first year.  And, there are no restrictions on leaving warranty coverage and then coming back on at any time – even years later.  We also provide any software bug fixes to you forever at no cost even if your system is out of warranty.  It gets better:  Our 24/7/365 telephone support hotline continues forever for you even if you are out of warranty!  We never abandon our customers!   Check the fine print of our competitors’ warranties and see if they even come close to this.
Example:  We have developed products configured specifically for narrow applications. For example, our LS/GunSmoke™ system provides everything needed for FFL/Class III firearms dealers to be in compliance with the new ATF Rule 144F fingerprinting regulations:  Livescan fingerprints printed on an FBI Certified card printer (supplied); 2×2” passport quality glossy photo (supplied); and everything else – all in an easy to understand and use system at a very attractive price.  Over 100 firearms dealers are now using LS/GunSmoke including Cabela’s/Bass Pro.
Example:  We are now partnered with Alpha Identity Solutions, a GSA Listed service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) in the Washington, D.C. area. Alpha handles federal sales and has GSA Listed our products to make it simple for federal agencies to purchase livescan systems from us.  Alpha has been busily getting Secure Outcomes customers within the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force (e.g., two USAF air bases in Kuwait) as well as several federal agencies. We are honored and proud that the U.S. military entrusts their livescan fingerprinting requirements to Secure Outcomes.  See the Alpha web site at
Example:  We recently engaged Texas Silencer Company to help distribute our livescan products into the firearms dealers network.  “Texas Silencer Company was formed by a group of hunters and aerospace engineers to develop precision made silencers for the hunting community and the millions of recreational shooters across America who need a friendly silencer manufacturer they can depend on, and a product that will never let them down” from their website at  We are very happy to be associated with the great company with great products Texas Silencer.
Example:  Secure Outcomes has sold almost 400 livescan systems to police departments, 100+ firearms dealers, 100+ public schools, the U.S. Army and Air Force, federal agencies, four federal airports, Fortune 500s etc in almost every state in the country.  Our systems transmit digital fingerprints sets to the FBI, SWFT, TSA as well as to state agencies.  We must be doing something right!
Thank You for taking a minute to read this first issue of Smart Forensics.
I welcome your feedback or questions at  I look forward to hearing back from you and will happily answer any questions you might have about livescan fingerprinting
Jack Harper, President
Secure Outcomes Inc.

Forensic Quality Fingerprints with LiveScan — What’s It All About?

INTERPOL defines a forensic fingerprint to be a print that is definitely proven – with no reliance on personal judgment or statistics – to have been made by the print donor so that all other possible donors are excluded.
Note that this is not just a technical issue. It is also a legal and regulatory issue with very complex requirements.
When a person is identified with a forensic print, there is no doubt, whatsoever, as to the legal authenticity of that identification.
Prints taken from a crime scene are matched against ten-print full-rolled forensic fingerprint cards previously collected either by the old method or by an inkless electronic livescan system such as built by Secure Outcomes.
Forensic quality livescan fingerprints are very different from the usual simple flat-slap biometric scans that you encounter such as on smart ‘phones or to get through a door.
The technology required to scan forensic quality fingerprints is far more difficult to build than that needed for simple flat-slap biometric prints.
Biometric fingerprint systems are simple commodity items designed to identify persons that want to be identified – for example, to get physical access to a computer or through a door.
Secure Outcomes’ forensic quality livescan systems, in contrast, are designed to collect fingerprint data to identify persons that do not want to be identified – for example, a murderer at a crime scene or a job applicant with a criminal history or a terrorist – and to collect and manage that data in 100% compliance with the extensive federal and state regulations and certifications that enable the information to stand up forever as forensic evidence in a criminal or civil court of law during prosecution.
Our systems not only access the international/national/state government fingerprint databases to identify and provide background check information to our customers, but, critically, our systems also generate the forensic quality fingerprint data that feeds those strategic government databases.  That means that the collected data MUST be right.
All of our systems have been formally FBI Certified for transmission through the Internet to government agency databases as encrypted traffic and also state certified in many states where that is required for particular applications.
The very fast growth rate of the livescan market is driven by three factors: Unprecedented massive global immigration – legal and illegal – with millions of people on the move from the Third World to the First;  Counter-terrorism to combat accelerating non-state threats that destabilize governments;  and a societal push toward enhanced law enforcement.  More effective and pervasive people identification and tracking has become the norm and will intensify.
Those pressures are forcing ever-increasing government mandates to fingerprint more and more classes of civilians. In previous times, the only people fingerprinted by law were criminals and high-level security cleared government employees, but that has now changed completely.
Now, over 100 professions that include 30-million Americans must be periodically fingerprinted by state and/or federal law: 2.5-million teachers; 125,000 school administrators; 1.1-million lawyers; 250,000 daycare provider companies with employees; hundreds of thousands of elder care providers; 3-million nurses; 1.3-million doctors; 220,000 stock brokers; over 1-million realtors; 1-million cleared defense contractors; 4.2-million security cleared government employees; almost 700,000 law enforcement agency personnel and approximately 10-million concealed carry gun permit holders.
Numerous other large classes of people must now be fingerprinted such as high school coaches, airline baggage handlers, notaries, pharmacists, psychologists, driving instructors, new/used car sales people, flight crews, bonded or security cleared employees and many others – the list is seemingly endless and grows every day with new laws and regulations, which will only increase.
Our numbers show that approximately 2.6% of the civilian population is being fingerprinted each year either for the first time or as a repeat, which means that at least 8.25-million civilian fingerprint sets are taken per year in the United States now and that number is growing at a measured 20%+ per year.

Now the Big Question…

Why are governments around the world requiring digital livescan scanning?
Why not just the old paper and ink rolls?
After all, paper and ink has worked for 150 years.
Answer:  Because digital scanning takes fingerprint and other information direct from the finger into computer form without scanning paper forms that introduces unavoidable fuzzing and errors.
In addition, with digital livescan you can get identification, rap sheet/criminal history and employee background checks back within minutes rather than weeks or months required by the old paper methods.
So, the bottom line:  Digital livescan fingerprinting enables law enforcement to know exactly who they are dealing with before detrainees are bonded out; It enables employers to almost immediately know about who they are thinking of hiring; and Livescan enables purchasers of sensitive equipment that requires federal licensing/background checks to get through that process far more efficiently and quicker than before.
That is why governments everywhere are requiring digital livescan fingerprinting
Secure Outcomes Inc. is a closely held venture funded company based in Evergreen, Colorado USA that works to bring to market the very best high-end forensic-quality smart electronic fingerprint collection, archiving and transmission systems available — but at a tremendous cost advantage over the competition.
The Secure Outcomes machines are designed to combine advanced fingerprint collection devices with sophisticated artificial intelligence/expert system-based image processing capabilities along with cryptographic data protection techniques to yield highly capable and very secure portable systems superior to anything on the market at a far cheaper cost.


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