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Secure Outcomes Announces SWFT/DOD LiveScan Systems Compliance

SWFT Certification/Compliance with first orders already from USAF and VA opens the enormous DOD/Military/Contractor market to Secure Outcomes
Evergreen, CO, October 3, 2016 
Secure Outcomes Inc. announced today that its GSA Listed livescan fingerprinting systems have successfully passed final SWFT compliance tests and are now available to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and civilian affiliates required to transition to electronic capture and submission of fingerprint data sets in support of all background investigations.
The Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence issued a requirement in 2010 that all DOD components such as military personnel, cleared defense contractors, cleared government civilians and others move to the electronic PK-enabled SWFT (“Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission”) system for background check fingerprint submissions. That National Industrial Security Program (NISP) requirement is now in effect.
Jack Harper, CEO of Secure Outcomes, said, “We have been working hard for some months now to complete the difficult systems tests/certifications conducted by OPM (the federal Office of Personnel Management) and I am delighted to say that we were notified that Secure Outcomes and its systems sucessfully completed and passed the technical testing and other vetting processes required for SWFT compliance and registration.”
Harper continued, “We have already received our first two SWFT systems orders that total about $50,000 from the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The livescan fingerprinting system ordered by the Air Force is now installed and fully operational at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington state. This is a terrific step forward for Secure Outcomes as formal SWFT compliance opens the large federal DOD/military/civilian/contractor market for us. I expect our“Twice the Performance at Half the Cost!™” products to do well in the federal market. I also extend my sincere Thanks to our partner Trio Consulting/Alpha Identity Solutions in Washington, D.C., who were instrumental in helping us achieve this very important strategic milestone.”
About Secure Outcomes
Secure Outcomes designs and builds the industry’s easiest to use, most cost effective and best supported digital livescan fingerprinting systems. The fast growing Secure Outcomes customer base of over 200 users includes 85+ police departments, the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,three major federal airports, a federal government financial agency with over $1-trillion in assets, numerous large public school districts, Fortune 500s, Class III NFA firearms manufacturers and dealers, commercial fingerprint service companies and many others in over 30 states.
The LS family of digital livescan fingerprinting systems collect, archive and transmit forensic-quality fingerprint sets in full compliance with federal and state standards and is designed to inexpensively fulfill the demanding requirements of law enforcement, public schools, military, banks, commercial and local, state and federal government users.
All Secure Outcomes systems meet the published NIST (“National Institute of Standards and Technologies”) federal requirements for secure scanning and transmission of fingerprints, mugshots and other information to state authorities as well as to the FBI, TSA/DHS and SWFT/DOD. The Secure Outcomes systems also include optional military-grade data encryption to further protect sensitive fingerprint and other information.
Secure Outcomes is a Corporate Donor to the Assist the Officer Foundation of the Dallas Police Department. Since the events of 7 July, for at least the next six months, Secure Outcomes is donating $250 to the Foundation from the proceeds of each LS1100 sale to Texas law enforcement.
Secure Outcomes systems are designed to operate anywhere in the world and are 100% programmed in Common Lisp, the artificial intelligence applications development language.
U.S Patents 9,342,732, 8,676,046 and 8,331,775. Additional patents pending.
Contact:   Jack Harper, CEO
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