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Secure Outcomes Announces First Major Airport Order for LS-Lite™ Digital Livescan Fingerprinting System

Secure Outcomes has placed almost 100 Livescan Fingerprinting Systems with Law Enforcement, the U.S. Army, School Districts, Commercial Companies, and Airport authorities across the United States

For Immediate ReleaseThursday, November 06, 2014

Evergreen, CO, November 06, 2014 —

Secure Outcomes Inc. announced today it has sold and delivered an LS-Lite™ digital livescan fingerprinting system to its first major airport customer – the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport near Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (“XNA”) is the largest airport in the Northwest Arkansas area and handles well over one-million passengers per year through the American, Delta, United, U.S. Airways, and Allegiant Air carriers that have scheduled non-stop flights in and out of XNA.
XNA airport serves the headquarters of major international corporations including Walmart, Tyson Foods, J. B. Hunt and numerous others.
The delivered LS-Lite system is being used by the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Authority to fulfill federal and state requirements for airport and airlines employee fingerprint-based background checks. The fully LS-Lite system collects scanned digital livescan fingerprint sets for the airport and transmits the encrypted data to federal systems near Washington, D.C. for lookup and screening.
Secure Outcomes CEO Jack Harper said, “We are delighted to have won this contract award from a major national airport to fulfill such sensitive federal security requirements. We went up against all of the older legacy names in the livescan business through an intensive competitive bid process and won at full list price! It is clear to me that Secure Outcomes won this very sensitive contract award because of our superior product technology, lower prices, excellent customer references, and our far better customer service and support.”
Harper continued, “After an intensive product development, federal certification, and ongoing patenting cycle, we began to ship systems in volume about two years ago. Our original design goals centered on building the smallest, easiest to use, and, especially, the most cost effective digital livescan fingerprinting system on this planet and we have done that. I am delighted that we are rapidly closing in on our first 100 system sales. Our units are now operating in 19 states.”
The LS family of digital livescan fingerprinting systems collects, archives, and transmits forensic-quality fingerprint sets according to federal and international standards, regulations, and protocols and is designed to inexpensively fulfill the demanding requirements of law enforcement, military, commercial, and local, state, and federal government users.
The systems meet the published NIST (“National Institute of Standards”) federal requirements for secure transmission and scanning. They also include optional military-grade data encryption to protect the sensitive fingerprint and other information.
All of the systems are designed to operate anywhere in the world and are 100% programmed in Common Lisp, the artificial intelligence applications development language.
U.S Patent 8,331,775. Other patents pending.
Contact:   Jack Harper, CEO
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