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 January 21, 2015

Digital Fingerprint Scanner Firm Widens its Reach

by Deb Hurley Brobst
Secure Outcomes, an Evergreen-based business that manufactures digital fingerprinting scanners, now has scanners in Denver Public Schools, a law firm in Chicago and an Arkansas airport.
In addition, the company’s LiveScan system is used by more than 100 law enforcement agencies throughout the country, including the Park County Sheriff’s Office.
The LiveScan machine is about the size of a small printer, except that instead of making copies, it has a small screen that digitally replicates fingerprints. Owner Jack Harper (Webmaster: Secure Outcomes has 33 Shareholders) says businesses and organizations are quickly finding uses for instantaneous fingerprint scans as part of background checks.
DPS is using the scanner to fingerprint employees and volunteers; the Chicago law firm, which specializes in immigration law, fingerprints immigrants on their way to becoming U.S. citizens. Airports are using the scanner to check employees.
Harper, a software engineer for 42 years, moved to Evergreen in 1980. While selling digital fingerprinting systems for other companies, he decided he could design something that was more portable, easy to use and less expensive. So he sat at his kitchen table to write the software more than four years ago.
LiveScan collects fingerprints that are more easily read compared to those taken with ink and paper, Harper said. Plus, one machine can store up to 20,000 sets of fingerprints or transmit a set of fingerprints to another agency for identification and the person’s criminal history.
The sales and tech work is done at the company office at 2902 Evergreen Parkway, and the components are built in Denver.
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